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Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

Click and connect to a variety of systems

Need better reports and dashboards on your SaaS project management, CRM, support, or financial system? In a couple of clicks, Easy Insight connects to your data and provides a rich prebuilt dashboard to help get you the answers you need.

Securely import data from MySQL, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Pull over entire tables, simple selects, or complex queries spanning multiple tables. Integrate big data from Amazon Redshift for broader reporting. Import raw CSV or Excel files and create the same beautiful reports and dashboards.

Push your own data into Easy Insight through a JSON API or point Easy Insight at pulling data from a JSON endpoint.

Create your own data sources

Build custom data sources and add or edit values right through your reports. Simply click on a table cell and start editing to update the value. Is your SaaS system missing a field you'd like? Want to extend your CRM sources with custom sales goals? Link your user sources with your SaaS data to dramatically increase what you can do.

Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

Quarter over Quarter Dashboard

Combine your data

Combine different data sources to enable reporting across your entire system. You can simply put reports from different systems together into a single dashboard or actually join the underlying data sources together to create calculations across different systems. Build a single view of the customer from lead generation through project management and invoicing or extend your SaaS systems with spreadsheet or database data.

Are you a creative agency, tracking design work from requirements to delivery? Are you tracking orders from request to cash? Take advantage of Easy Insight's process functionality to look at how quickly work is going from step to step, how many orders are currently in each step, and how often work is repeatedly going through the same step, all in a couple of clicks.

Easy report creation

Using Easy Insight’s report builder enables you to quickly and intuitively build a wide variety of reports in a matter of clicks. Easily create reports specific to your data needs.

Explore data through an array of highly visual, creative and interactive reports and charts. Choose from a variety of customizable charts that include traditional bar, pie and line graphs, to more advanced visualization options such as scatter plots and heat maps.

Slice and dice data to navigate multi-dimensional drill paths through online analytic processing (OLAP). Shift between data views and click into the data and all the way back to the source system to go from analytic to actionable information.

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Mobile reports and dashboards

Any Easy Insight report and dashboard automatically renders just as well on phones or tablets. With a caress and tap of the screen, drill-down, uncover, collaborate data anytime, anywhere with your mobile device. With Easy Insight, you are no longer chained to a desktop, but can analyze data and share discoveries on the go.

Schedule reports and dashboards to be emailed as an attachment or exported to a PDF, Excel, or CSV document. Embed your reports and dashboards into external sites so that your users have seamless access to their data without needing to use another system.

Easy Insight securely enables you to restrict access to both specific reports and dashboards, as well as to set finely grained permissions on the actual data so that each user sees only his or her own particular slice of data. Through a series of permission labels, and pre-assigned roles, you can allow data access and interactions with that data to only those granted permission. As you configure these data level security permissions, they're automatically applied to any reports or dashboards the user views.

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